How to book an appointment with an emergency dentist.

A dental emergency can occur at any time.

It can be due to a long standing issue which just flares up, or it could be due to an accident.

Finding an emergency dentist near me and who is open now, can be very difficult.

Fortunately, the 24 Hour Emergency Dentists London clinic is conveniently located and should be able to help.

Whether you need a Root canal emergency dentist or you have a A Swollen Face our experienced emergency dentists are on hand to help.

We can help with most dental emergencies at the Emergency dentist north London

To book an appointment, please call 0208 245 7575 or click the call button below.

When do I need to see an emergency dentist?

  • Uncontrollable tooth pain that is not responding to painkillers.
  • A sudden and rapidly increasing swelling of the face or jaws.
  • Dental trauma including Broken teeth
  • Knocked out teeth or teeth that have moved from their position.
  • Broken and chipped teeth that are causing difficulty or pain when eating or speaking.
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth and Wisdom tooth issues
  • Pain or bleeding following a Tooth extraction

When should I go to the hospital with a dental problem?

You should initially try to see your own dentist, even if it is for triage by phone.

However, if you develop any of the following issues, then going to hospital accident and emergency may be better :

  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Rapidly increasing swelling which is causing difficulty in breathing
  • An extremely high temperature
  • If you have suffered trauma and may have broken your jaw or suffered an additional head injury

If you are having difficulty accessing advice, you can call 111 who may be able to help.

Will A and E help will with a dental problem?

Most A and E departments are not well equipped or staffed to deal with dental emergencies, and may only be able to help with some symptom relief. The only time a visit may be warranted is if you have been advised that your dental emergency requires hospital intervention.

Call 0208 245 7575 for an appointment and information for an emergency dentist near me North London