Broken dentures

Denture repairs at emergency dentist and 24 hour denture repair

The fracture or break of a denture can be particularly distressing as it may affect function, aesthetics and comfort.

You should never try to repair the broken denture yourself- rather, it is best to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible or a 24 hour dentist if this type of accident should occur after hours.

It is best to avoid wearing the broken denture until it is repaired, so as to prevent damage to the supporting tissue, damage to the teeth, and to also minimise the risk of you swallowing or inhaling the denture.

Minor repairs can often be repaired at the chairside, whilst you wait. For large or more complicated breaks, the dentist may need to send your broken denture to the dental laboratory to be repaired and strengthened, this obviously takes more time but can often be done within 24 hours.

Dentures can break due to variety of causes. Most commonly, it is due to dropping or damaging them physically. Occasionally it can be due to them having just worn out and weakened over time.

Denture repairs at emergency dentist and 24 hour denture repair
Broken denture

Please do not try to repair the denture with superglue. This is often messy and can make the repair more difficult for the emergency dentist or the dental technician. It is better to keep the broken pieces safe and to seek professional care.