How to find a 24 hour dentist or an emergency dentist

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Any unforeseen dental mishap can be classed as a dental emergency. You don’t have to be in pain-any situation that stresses you, has the likelihood of being to your detriment if left untreated, causes pain or affects not just form but function, can necessitate a visit to an emergency dentist.

There are some instances where it may be more sensible to go to hospital in the first instance. These include if you have suffered a trauma or medical condition that has caused other more serious injuries or loss of consciousness. It’s important to prioritize your health. In addition, if you are experiencing symptoms of a spreading infection like a very high fever or severe difficulties breathing, then a trip to hospital may be more appropriate in the first instance.

If you are fortunate enough not to require immediate medical help, then finding an emergency dentist can be fairly straight forward. Emergency dentist Essex and Emergency Dentist Hertfordshire can help with 24 hour emergency dental appointments for toothache, root canal treatments and teeth extractions, as well as swollen faces and dental abscess.

  1. Initially, call your own dentist and follow the advice on their answerphone. They may give details of emergency dentist arrangements in-house.

    Phone number for emergency dentists
    How to contact an emergency dentist
  2. If you are here in the UK, and you are a NHS patient, then call NHS emergency dental services. They may be able to help with dental emergencies, but do note that this service is often oversubscribed, they have limited slots available and they have a strict criteria for what constitutes a dental emergency. You will be assessed on the phone by a triage professional, and you may be offered an emergency slot at a clinic, but this may not be local to you and may not be on the same day.NHS England do provide a dental emergency helpline
  3. Private services are available and generally can deal with most dental emergencies. They will be more likely to provide you with an immediate appointment, and the costs although aren’t necessarily expensive, and should not be prohibitive. In order to minimise your cost and treatment, you are well within your rights to ask for all options available and the costs involved, and to do only what addresses your immediate concerns. Private services can be recommended by your own dentist’s emergency arrangement information, recommendation from a friend or by searching on the internet. A good guide if you want to find an emergency dentists near me. To find an emergency dentist in London, Yell is a very good source, and is also useful for finding an emergency dentist North London.

    Emergency dentists can be found online.
    Searching online for an emergency dentists needn’t be stressful
  4. Dental insurance providers. If you have dental insurance, try calling your provider, as some may be able to recommend clinics that they know of or are preferred providers. This also gives you an opportunity to ask exactly what kind of treatment, and how much you are covered for. Denplan, Dencover and Boots all have dental emergency insurance cover. Please retain all receipts and ask the dentist to provide an itemized invoice confirming that the visit was for an emergency.

Broken dentures

Denture repairs at emergency dentist and 24 hour denture repair


The fracture or break of a denture can be particularly distressing as it may affect function, aesthetics and comfort.

You should never try to repair the broken denture yourself- rather, it is best to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible or a 24 hour dentist if this type of accident should occur after hours.

It is best to avoid wearing the broken denture until it is repaired, so as to prevent damage to the supporting tissue, damage to the teeth, and to also minimise the risk of you swallowing or inhaling the denture.

Minor repairs can often be repaired at the chairside, whilst you wait. For large or more complicated breaks, the dentist may need to send your broken denture to the dental laboratory to be repaired and strengthened, this obviously takes more time but can often be done within 24 hours.

Dentures can break due to variety of causes. Most commonly, it is due to dropping or damaging them physically. Occasionally it can be due to them having just worn out and weakened over time.

Denture repairs at emergency dentist and 24 hour denture repair
Broken denture

Please do not try to repair the denture with superglue. This is often messy and can make the repair more difficult for the emergency dentist or the dental technician. It is better to keep the broken pieces safe and to seek professional care.